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Grievance Filing for the year 2021 as of 9pm 5/18/2021 has been concluded. For any questions please contact the Town Of Islip...

Individual Grievance Filers

If you are an Attorney or Licensed Petitioner’s Representative and you use the Individual Grievance Filers Section in error, you will not be listed as the representative in Town Records. The records will reflect that the Petitioner is Pro Se.

Once you click “File Grievance” you will be prompted through three pages to accept the terms of the website and to select the property you wish to file for. On the fourth page, you will actually attach your submission. There are instructions on each page that you encounter. Please see the downloadable forms below, as you will need those for your submission. At a minimum, you must file an RP-524 Grievance Form to complete your submission. You may also want to provide Supporting Documentation to prove your claim. In some cases, you will need to attach a fully executed Power of Attorney Form to your Supporting Documentation. The Disclosure Affidavit is only necessary for Employees of the Town and some of their relatives. See the Disclosure Affidavit (With Instructions) for more information.

This section is for Petitioner Representative / Attorney Grievance Filers Only

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The below Electronic Grievance Filing System sign-in is only for Attorneys and Licensed Petitioner’s Representatives. All other should use the above “Individual Grievance Filers” section. Please contact Mike Siniski, Assessor’s Office at 631-224-5585 or if you require technical assistance with either filing option

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